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Work Cover Surgeon Strathfield

Do you need medical or surgical care for a work injury or a motor accident injury in the Strathfield area. 
Do you need to see a workers compensation doctor to seek a TPD (total and permanent disability) assessment? 
Are you launching a worker’s compensation claim after an accident at work that may require urgent surgical care?
Orthoclinic is one of Australia’s highest volume worker injury clinics, servicing multiple locations in Greater Sydney.
Orthoclinic provides an urgent surgical service for the injured worker and our team treats injuries acutely to get you back to work fast. 
Our team has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of injured workers and injury management and is passionate about returning workers back to work, life and productivity – all with minimum pain and loss of income.
Our worker injury clinic is located in Strathfield with other clinics in Bankstown, Campbelltown and Woolloomooloo. 


Multidisciplinary Support Network  

Our team offer comprehensive support to help clients translate back to work including:

– Assessing, diagnosing and treating worker injuries
– Working with other specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists and pain physicians when required.
Referring and liaising with physiotherapists and reviewing patients after rehabilitation. 
– Performing IMEs (independent Medical Examinations). 
– Performing Whole Person Impairment Assessments 
– Performing Total and Permanent Disability Reports
– Performing CTP (comprehensive third party) claims examinations and reports 
– Performing Workers Compensation Examinations 
– Case conferencing with Nominated Treating Doctors, Physiotherapists, Case Managers, and GPs when required
– Telehealth consultations, useful for country patients who travel to Sydney for their surgery
– We also regularly provide second opinions on worker injuries if required. 

 Is it work or life? 

Work accidents occur every day in the Australian workforce and orthopaedic injuries can range from: 

– Falls, slips and trips
– Overexertion through lifting, pushing and pulling
– Repetitive motion injuries (e.g. typing)
– Machine crushing and entanglement
– Falling objects or debris

 Workers’ compensation is a system to ensure injured workers are fairly compensated for injuries sustained at work and this compensation can take the form of medical and rehabilitation costs, surgery, ambulance, medical costs as well as physiotherapists, orthopaedic and ergonomic aids and other services to help you return to work.

Many orthopaedic workplace injuries may have some element of a “pre-existing” condition but frequently these conditions are dramatically exacerbated by an event at work.

That is why it’s so important to immediately report an injury at work to your employer and to seek early treatment for better outcomes. 

Call Orthoclinic if you need a workers compensation doctor in Strathfield or need  more details on how we can help you in your worker injury medical claim.  


24-hour reporting  

Where the injury occurred in the last 24 hours and is an emergency approval is not required and Orthoclinic may be able to bill the employer directly. 

For all other cases, you will FIRST require written approval from your insurance company or employer otherwise you will be charged at the time of consultation. 

It’s also important to bring a referral from your GP, hospital emergency doctor or other medical doctors along with your claim number when you come to your consultation. 

If it is an existing claim, please notify your case manager as they will need to be advised about treatments for funding approval.

For more information please contact one of the following organizations  WorkSafe NSW, SIRA and icare. Click here for more details and contact numbers.


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