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Elbow Arthoscopy

What is elbow arthroscopy?

  • Arthroscopic elbow surgery is a day procedure where Dr Herald can look inside the joint using a small cut with instruments the width of a pencil.
  • Spurs and loose bodies are removed and tight adherent capsules are released.
  • The benefit of arthroscopic surgery includes a quicker recovery as only small punctures through the skin are used to access the joint as opposed to formal, open incisions.

What conditions is elbow arthroscopy useful for?

  • Elbow arthroscopy can be useful in diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, loose bodies in the joint, tennis elbow, stiffness and fractures.

What happens after the procedure? 

  • Improved elbow range is obtained under anaesthesia but extensive post operative rehabilitation is needed to maintain this.
  • Following surgery, a period of continuous elbow range of motion with a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is required to maintain motion and prevent recurrent scarring.
  • The CPM machine is used in hospital for around 3 days continuously and for most of the day for up to a month after.
  • A physiotherapist is an important part of your post-operative rehabilitation.