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Shoulder Arthroscopy

What is a shoulder arthroscopy?

– Also called keyhole or minimally invasive surgery, arthroscopic surgery is a simple day stay procedure which involves Dr Herald using a special instrument known as an arthroscope.
– The arthroscope allows Dr Herald to look into your joint via a very small incision (usually less than 1cm) without having to open the joint up
– With fibre-optic light and a magnifying glass, the arthroscope provides a very accurate view of your joint to determine what needs a clean up, repair or reconstruction
– A miniscule camera simultaneously transmits images of your joint to a TV monitor for Dr Herald to view

    What conditions is arthroscopy used to diagnose and treat?

    Arthroscopy is useful for many acute sports and work injuries including:
    – Shoulder Arthritis
    – Shoulder Instability
    – Rotator Cuff Tears 
    – Subacromial Decompression (shoulder impingement)
    – Frozen Shoulder
    – Removal of loose bodies floating around the joint
    – SLAP lesions 
    – Biceps tendonitis/tears

      What are the benefits?

      – Day surgery, so there’s no need to stay in hospital for lengthy periods
      – Optimal recovery due to less invasive procedures
      – Less risk of infection or after care issues

      See Dr Herald’s post-surgical protocol for shoulder arthroscopy here