For Patients

Who do I call for appointments and where do I park?

For all appointments and enquiries, please contact us on (02) 9233 3946. Our practice hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excepting public holidays).

If you would like to book at one of our four locations – Campbelltown, City, Strathfield and Bankstown – please find the next available spot on Dr Herald’s calendar by clicking here or calling our rooms. Parking locations and public transport locations can also be found here. 

If you are an urgent patient (general or work cover) please ask your GP to call our rooms. 

Will you process my rebate and does Dr Herald No Gap?

Yes. For consults we will process your rebate on receipt of payments and the remittance will be sent straight to your bank account.

For surgical procedures, patients generally prepay before procedures – and after your procedure we will issue you with a receipt for services. You will then be able to claim from Medicare and your health fund if applicable. Medicare claim forms are available under useful patient forms on our website.

Dr Herald will “No Gap” Aged Pensioners on production of an Aged Pension Card..

What should I bring on my first appointment?
  • Your GP referral letter
  • A list of current medications
  • If you have seen a physiotherapist, a progress letter from the physio
  • If you require revision surgery, please bring a copy of your initial surgery report
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your private health care card
  • Your pre-filled patient history form (this can also be filled in at the surgery if you do not have a printer at home)
  • Your cardiologist and dentist’s contact details if you require surgery
  • Radiology reports and images (ie Xrays, MRI, Ultrasound, CT ETC)
  • WorkCover/Third Party Patients require an approval and details of their claim

If you do not fill in your printable patient history form before hand (see patient forms), please arrive 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to do this.


Does Dr Herald accept Work Cover Cases?
Yes. Dr Herald is a a high volume orthopaedic surgeon for work cover cases of the shoulder, knee and elbow and also does some hand cases. Many of his clients include tradesmen, while others are people working in desk jobs who suffer with technology related injuries and yet others occupational lifting injuries. For work cover patients to be eligible for rebate, you will need to ensure that you bring your claims approval form which specifically states services for Dr Herald have been approved.

For more information on work place injuries please click our Work Cover Page.

How long does it take to get in to see Dr Herald?
Dr Herald aims to see all patients within one to two weeks and urgent patients within 7 days if their GP calls. Please ask your GP to contact our staff if you require an urgent appointment.
Does Dr Herald usually run on time?
We understand your time is valuable. Occasionally unexpected delays will occur but we aim to (and usually) run on time. Please call us 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel an appointment or if you are delayed for more than 20 minutes.
What if I need imaging?

During your initial consultation Dr Herald may tell you additional Xray, MRI and CT scan imaging may be necessary. Dr Herald can write you a referral letter for additional imaging. Please ask at the time of your image referral letter for an image centre which is located near you.

Will physiotherapy be required?

Having surgery is a serious matter. The more invasive the surgical procedure, the more care that is needed to recover post-operatively. Dr Herald will choose the least invasive surgical procedure suited to your condition to optimise your result and to minimise your recovery period. It is important that you understand what procedure you are having, how to prepare for surgery and what recovery program you need to follow. Physiotherapy is an essential part of this education, preparation and recovery process. Physiotherapy will help you obtain a better surgical outcome.

How much is the first consultation?

Your first consultation with Dr Herald will be charged at $250 with a rebate of $72.

Subsequent consultations will be $150 and a $33 rebate from Medicare.

Please note WorkCover and Third Party consultations incur a different fee and our office should be advised accordingly. Patients can pay by bank cheque, personal cheque, cash, credit card and EFTPOS. Amex surcharge applies.

Please call us on 9233 3946 to find out more.

What if I can’t afford surgery?

The costs of different surgical procedures differ based on the complexity and type of your procedure and Dr Herald will inform you of these.

If you require urgent surgery find out how to access your superannuation for surgery please see or call 1300 665 440

Dr Herald is a no gap surgeon for privately covered patients who are aged pensioners or financially disadvantaged on a case by case basis.

What type of patient payment streams are there?
Public – These patients are only charged the initial and follow-up consultation fees. Surgical charges are covered by the public health system. Whilst emergency procedures (fracture) maybe get quick attention, typically there are very long wait lists for elective surgical procedures in the public system in fact up to a year for a knee replacement in the public hospital. As of 2018, Dr Herald will no longer be working in the public hospital system.

Private – Patients with private cover have priority over when and where they see Dr Herald. Fees and charges are subsidised by the patient’s private health insurance and final out of pocket costs will be determined by the patient’s individual choice of health cover and type of procedure.

Self-Funded – Self funded patients have priority over when and where they see Dr Herald. Fees and charges are quoted prior to surgery so that decisions about proceeding can be carefully considered.

Pensioners – Dr Herald No Gaps Aged Pensioners. Please tell Dr Herald if you are an Aged pensioner.

Work Cover – Once a work cover claim has been approved, typically all costs of surgery are covered by the work cover insurance. Please be advised that if you have an approved claim number that your surgery will not necessarily be automatically approved. Generally patients get sent for Independent Medical Examinations before the surgical claim can be approved. See our worker injuries page in the patients section for more details.

Do I still take my normal medications?
It is important to advise both Dr Herald and the hospital about your current medications particularly if you take:

  • Blood thinners
  • Any anti-inflammatories (Fish oil, Gingko, Tumeric)
  • To avoid excessive bleeding in surgery these medications should usually cease one to two weeks before surgery.
Post surgery - When can I drive and shower and when should I see my doctor again?
For a knee procedure driving is generally permitted after two weeks, for shoulder surgery any return to driving before eight weeks may compromise the surgery, and it is generally OK to drive after two weeks for elbow surgery. However every case is different so please speak to Dr Herald if you have any concerns about driving.

Showering is permitted with a plastic bag and duct tape over dressings.

Your follow-up appointment with Dr Herald is generally around the two week mark.

Please visit our video gallery for important post-op demonstrations on how to look after your wound post surgery; red flags to watch for after surgery and how to strengthen your shoulders post-surgery.