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Gaming Injuries

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E-Sport injuries are becoming increasingly common in Australia as the sport enjoys unprecedented popularity.
Dr Herald treats a range of e-sports injuries, and says this trend will continue, given that esports will become an Olympic Medal event in 2024, and 200 esports scholarships are offered at universities globally including QUT Queensland.
With some gamers at the keyboard 10 hours per day or more, Gamer’s Thumb, Elbow Innjuries, Nintendinitis and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome are common injuries.

In one case reported in JAMA, a patient who played a puzzle video games 8 hours per day for six weeks ruptured his left extensor pollicis longus which required surgery.

Dr Herald recommends these exercises for gamers.

– Place palms face down on flat surface and lift thumbs (x 10)

– With elbow at sides and arms straight out in front, stretch thumbs out toward the ceiling and then down towards the floor (x 10)

– In the same position rotate thumb in circles 10 times  (x 10)

– Limit gaming to 1-2 hours per day and if it hurts, AFK! (away from the keyboard!)