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MVA Patients

What should I do if I have sustained an orthopaedic injury during a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and need to see Dr Herald?

If your injury is urgent, call Dr Herald’s rooms for an appointment on 9233 3946. You will pay for the initial consultation but patients can later claim up to $5,000 in lost earnings and early benefits treatments (including consultations, surgery and rehab) through their insurer.

  • You will need to lodge your claim within 28 days of the accident (the sooner the better). The insurer approval process takes around 10 days and the payment is generally 10-20 days of lodgement.

SIRA also requires you to do the following to be eligible for compensation:

  • Identify the registration number of the vehicle that caused the accident (where possible)
  • Report the accident to the police if they did not attend the accident scene and obtain a police event number
  • Provide the patient declaration on page 5 and get your doctor to fill out page 11 of the SIRA Accident Notification Form  
  • Call 1300 656 919 to find out the Green Slip or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer of the vehicle that caused the accident
  • Send your completed form to the CTP insurer within 28 days of the accident
  • The insurer will let you know within 10 days whether it will pay for your reasonable and necessary treatment expenses and lost earnings and will provide you with a reference number that must be used in all correspondence.


  • NB CTP is the NSW term for third party insurance which cover not at fault drivers in accidents. If you sustain an injury due to someone else causing a motor vehicle accident, their CTP will cover you. If you are the cause of the accident, depending on whose vehicle you drove, you will be covered by either your own comprehensive insurance or work cover if it happened during work hours (not on the way to or from your work).
  • NB Some Third Party patients who are involved in an “at fault” accident may only receive up to $3,000 on treatment costs.
What useful links and forms will I need?
Here are some forms you may find useful for your claim

Accident Notification Form