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Is your knee or shoulder ache more than you bargained for? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to see your GP or orthopaedic surgeon.

• Does pain slow you down and limit your enjoyment of everyday activities Y/N
• Is pain currently keeping you awake or waking you at night? Y/N
• Do you use sleeping tablets for your pain? Y/N
• Are you unable to walk more than a short distance without pain? Y/N
• Are you unable to stand as long as you would like without pain? Y/N
• Does pain interfere with your ability to work? Y/N
• Does pain and instability cause you to frequently fall? Y/N
• Does pain restrict the activities you can do with your family? Y/N
• Do you take medication more than a few times a week for pain? Y/N
• Do basic daily tasks like cooking and dressing cause pain and you need help or need to do them slowly? Y/N