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Pain Management

With onsite physiotherapy, injections and a range of non-surgical options available to treat your elbow, knee or shoulder pain, OrthoClinic will provide you with a comprehensive pain management plan. 

Common signs you have a chronic pain issue include:

  • Pain slowing you down and limiting your enjoyment of everyday activities
  • Pain keeping you awake or waking you at night
  • Tossing and turning at night
  • Using sleep tablets for your pain
  • Unable to walk more than a short distance without pain
  • Unable to walk without the assistance of a cane due to pain
  • Unable to stand as long as you would like without pain
  • Pain interferes with your ability to work
  • Pain causes you to miss work
  • Pain and instability cause you to frequently fall
  • Pain restricts the activities you can do with your family
  • Pain is so severe it restricts your social life
  • You take medication more than a few times a week to deal with your pain
  • Performing basic daily tasks like cooking, dressing, causes pain and you need help or need to do them slowly