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How can you tell the difference between an ankle sprain and a break? How do you take a fall on the football field?
Sydney Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Jonathan Herald has teamed up with Rugby Sevens Olympic Gold Medalist Emma Tonegato to offer insider tips on these common orthopaedic dilemmas, in a series of educational videos to help parents and kids navigate the pitfalls of common sporting and orthopaedic injuries.
The videos include important post-surgical information like how to change a sling or dressing after surgery or even how to put on a bra with arthritis pain.
“Every day I get asked the same questions by my patients. How do I change a sling? Can I do it myself or do I have to go to the GP? So we thought it would be great to provide some preventative injury strategies and post-surgery exercises and procedures,” says Dr Herald.
“The videos also offer insider tips on how to take a fall on the field (a shoulder is better than falling on outstretched arms); and how kids should catch a a ball (softy spooned fingers, not outstretched fingers).”
Dr Herald said he was delighted work with Tonegato, who has become one of the familiar faces of Women’s Rugby Sevens across the globe after receiving Olympic Gold Medal in Rio last year.

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