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Dear Visitor,

My name is Dr Jonathan Herald. I am an orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney specialising in Shoulder, Elbow and Knee surgery. Welcome to my website.

Personable, quality care of the highest clinical standard is the mission statement of my orthopaedic practice. I believe strongly in treating the patient as a whole, not just the presenting condition. I take time to understand the cause of the condition and carefully consider the outcome that you wish to achieve. I utilise a wide range of evidence based clinical techniques with proven long term outcomes to match the appropriate treatment and course of action with the clinical result my patients desire.

Surgery is a very serious procedure and sometimes a nervous experience for patients. My website has been designed to assist my patients in minimizing their fear of the unknown. Here patients can better understand their condition, the procedure they are having and how to manage the post-surgery rehabilitation process. Equally I have designed my website as a quality improvement and professional development (QI & CPD) education site for both GP's and Physio's. As orthopaedic surgical technology improves each year, it is important to pass on knowledge about such technologies to referrers and post operative carers. A more informed allied health care team means better total patient care and better long term patient outcomes.

I hope you enjoy the website and I look forward to assisting you in person.

Warm regards,

Dr Jonathan Herald

Dr Jonathan Herald

is an internationally recognised orthopaedic surgeon. He is a world expert in patient specific total and reverse total shoulder replacements and is a Key Opinon Leader on www.VuMedi.com , the international online education centre for surgeons.

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